photo by jon betts

photo by jon betts


Modern Richmond // Transcend Style

Architect and furniture designer Marcel Breuer once remarked that, “modernism is not a style, it is an attitude.” A symbiotic embrace of historical and cultural influences, today’s modern buildings embody that very notion. The modernist movement is, at its core, contrasts and counterpoints; introspection and experiment; viability and sustainability. It is clean but never a clean slate. It is simple but not superficial. It is an attitude and not a style. 

Our Mission

Modern Richmond is committed to the concept of understanding and appreciating modernism in all of its forms. We believe that Richmond has the resources and the potential to be a significant platform for modern projects. Our hope and mission is to promote and explore these original expressions of modern aesthetics in a way that both engages and delivers modernism to a larger audience. 

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