Modern Richmond // 6.14.17 // Greater Richmond ARC by Modern Richmond

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3north was charged with creating a facility for Greater Richmond ARC that would provide a welcoming place for families to connect and share experiences, develop resources, work together on projects, and attend learning seminars, all while inspiring confidence among the organization’s members and their families alike. 

The 26,000 square foot building is an open structure with varying roof heights allowing extensive use of day lighting, suffusing the interior with natural light. At the primary entrance facade, a series of diagonal glass walls symbolically and functionally penetrate the building’s boxy plan, minimizing the distinction between exterior and interior, and providing a welcoming view of the interior.

The large, sky-lit lobby space serves as a “great room” and critical gathering space for ARC members, families, and staff, encouraging meeting, greeting, sharing, and conversation. Throughout the building, the abundant natural daylight creates uplifting and highly functional interior environments in the lunchroom and work production areas (at the north end), and the multi-purpose and open-office space (at the south end). Offices, service areas, and utility spaces are placed along the perimeter, and designed with the flexibility to expand and contract as program demand and activity patterns change over time.

On the long side facade, two porches open out to a sheltered, indoor-outdoor area where clients may congregate under the eaves of the new addition. The expansive, multi-sensory landscape celebrates inclusiveness by catering to all levels of ability and appealing to all the senses. In the “Adult” area, basketball courts, as well as raised and ground-level planting beds, meandering paths, and a pond with trickling water, provide opportunities to participate, contribute, and explore. Children’s activities take place on a multi-purpose playground in the center space. At the front end, an amphitheater crafted of raised, bermed walls around a spiraling walkway, provides a protected, dramatic space those of all ages and abilities to gather.

Modern Richmond // 5.17.17 // 125 S. Colonial Ave. by Modern Richmond

Like the majority of the early 20th century Museum District properties that were influenced by the european city homes common at the time of their construction, 125 S Colonial is a modern scandinavian-inspired home that captures the classic massing and proportions of South Colonial Avenue while offering a refreshingly bright and intuitive living experience.

Notable features include: open air front entrance with integrated planter boxes, a true first floor master suite, a loft office or family room overlooking the 27+ foot tall vaulted living area, an immense two-story wall of windows on the rear of the home and structural glass handrails. Completing the design at both the front entrance and entire rear of the home is natural cedar cladding that softens the stark geometric lines and weight of the property and warmly welcomes you home to this true neomodern masterpiece.

Zach Kennedy | Upward Builders: My passion is in creating unique homes and living spaces that push the boundaries of design by blending modern concepts within the historical landscape of the City. 125 South Colonial seemed like the perfect fit for our architectural style.  I wanted a home that worked within the vernacular of the neighborhood but also didn’t look like all the other homes on the street. Clean, simple, straight lines inspire me and and I've always been drawn to the Norwegian aesthetic. On top of that, we tried to incorporate as much glass as we could to energize the space. There are very few row houses in the Richmond area with vaulted living spaces, glass rails and a first floor master... couple that with the proximity to Carytown and we felt this location was perfect for our Scandinavian experiment.  

John and Keith | Buyers: We are relocated to Richmond from Manhattan and while we were looking forward to all the benefits of a smaller city, we didn't want to compromise on a walkable lifestyle or a modern designed living space. Initially we were drawn to condos in the downtown area, but after some time out looking we felt that the Fan and Carytown areas had the best amenities for us. Upon taking an initial tour of 125 S Colonial while it was still in the construction phase, we instantly knew this was not only where we wanted to be but that the design and finishes of the home were exactly what we were looking for. It's bright, clean and chic... we couldn't be happier!

Modern Richmond//12.07.2016//LaDiff Holiday Party by Modern Richmond


Modern Richmond and LaDiff invite you to celebrate the holidays with us. Tour the store, shop for gifts and enjoy refreshments! 

Guests are welcome to shop La Diff during the celebration before & after the speaker. LaDiff has a special gift shopping coupon for all Modern Richmond guests attending our holiday bash!

We look forward to seeing everyone at LaDiff as we toast the holiday season with friends new and old.

Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Time: 5:30 – 8:00pm, speakers at 6:15pm

Location: LaDiff - 125 S 14th St, Richmond VA, 23219

Speakers: Lisa Freiman, Ph.D. - Founding Director VCU Institute of Contemporary Art, Andy Thornton and Sarah Paxton of LaDiff 

Register to Attend Online: Click HERE to register. Modern Richmond events are free.

Modern Richmond//11.09.2016//Varina Area Library by Modern Richmond

Photo: ©Chris Cunningham Photography

Photo: ©Chris Cunningham Photography

The Varina Area Library, which opened on June 1, 2016, is a brand new 43,000 square foot building located on a 22 acre parcel of land in the rural, eastern section of Henrico County.  The new state-of-the art-library replaces a small 6,000 square foot branch that served the Varina community for over 40 years.

Designed by BCWH Architects, in partnership with Boston firm Tappé Architects, the library’s design is rooted in the landscape and the history of the Varina district.   The building and materials are reminiscent of the agrarian structures that once populated the area.  Borrowing on the form of a tobacco barn, the main library functions are housed in three pavilions that sit seemingly independently on the site. The library’s service and secondary functions are located adjacent to the pavilions in lower scale extensions – structures that re-interpret an addition to a typical utilitarian farm building.

Both the interior and exterior materials are inspired by materials found recurrently in the surrounding community. The palette is simple but rich: wood, stone, and metal. Inside, these elements are integrated with simple white walls and ceilings to shape the larger volumes of the pavilions. The end of each pavilion is terminated by a large expanse of glass that maximizes view and allows large amounts of natural light to bathe the interior. The furniture, light fixtures, and interior finishes organically reinforce the overall idea of a simple and refined building that converses with its natural setting.

Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Time: 5:30 – 7:30pm, speakers at 6:15pm with a short Q&A following. Guests are invited to tour the library before and after the speakers.

Location: 1875 New Market Rd, Henrico, VA 23231

Speaker: Chuck Wray, BCWH's principal-in-charge for the project

Register to Attend Online: Click HERE to register. Modern Richmond events are free.